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Interview with Kristiina Jokivuori

Interview with dance teacher Kristiina Jokivuori. Kristiina is a long-time teacher of sports and dance at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki.

What is your education?

I am a graduate from Leppävaara upper secondary school. I am also a member of the Trade Union of Theatre and Media Finland (TEME). One applies through exhibition classes.

For how long have you taught at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki?

I started November 10, 1990. Then Course Planner Anneli Kekkonen asked me. She had received my contact info from somewhere and needed a jazz dance teacher. Beginners´ jazz dance was my first course.

Do you remember what teaching your first class felt like?

I had already taught elsewhere. The Institute was more bureaucratic than private dance shcools. The first course, however, felt good. It took place in the Töölö elementary school gym, not a dance studio.

How do you prepare for a course?

I find the music, make a course plan / sequences. I change the course sequences every 3 – 4 weeks. In addition to this I make notes for myself about what to consider during a given class. Finding and acquiring the appropriate music takes a lot of effort.

What is most benefical for the teacher during, for example, Stretching Courses?

It is nice for the teacher that the students are of different ages. I get to work with both adults and seniors.

What do you want to give to the student?

A good feeling. To give such classes that everyone can feel they are able to participate in, each from her/his level.

How do you educate yourself?

I take classes myself. My programme includes various fitness classes and when possible, dance classes. In addition to this I have a gym program and a Personal Trainer.

What is the most important thing to know when joining your course?

That you don’t need to prepare. You join a course and trust that the classes will be pleasant. If students have problems with their knees or back, that will be taken into consideration.

Who would you like to say hello to, and what would you like to say?

To the students; come to class with a happy mood and give feedback any time!

Kristiina Jokivuori

Dance and Sports Teacher