Camera Surveillance Runeberginkatu Privacy Notice

Camera Surveillance Runeberginkatu Privacy Notice

Updated April 29, 2022

Controller: The Study Association for Professional Staff Unions / The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki
Business ID: 0203131-0
Postal Address: Runeberginkatu 22–24, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: 09 41 500 300

The person responsible for the registry

The person responsible for the registry is the Director, whose duties include making sure that the system is maintained appropriately. If needed, the person responsible makes sure that the usage of the system is guided and its users receive adequate training.

The person responsible for registry matters

The person responsible for registry matters is Security manager,, 050 449 2990.

The duty of the person maintaining the registry is to implement access rights after they have been granted and give further information on the register and the rights of the registered.

Purposes of processing

The primary aim of camera surveillance is crime prevention. The aim is also to secure the safety and legal protection of the Institute’s staff, students and other people visiting the premises. The registered data is used for clearing up crimes and damages and, if necessary, for the identification of persons moving at the premises.

Categories of personal data

The registry stores live images of the surveillance area and those persons moving on the range of each camera. The cameras are digital and in use 24 hours per day.

The groups to which personal data have been or will be disclosed

The register is formed of surveillance camera pictures at the premises rented by The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, who has placed the cameras in the necessary places.

Giving out data to third parties

The data stored by the cameras is given out only to the police on request.

Information on the transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations

The data is not given out outside these areas.

Description of technical and organisational security measures

The register is meant only for internal use of the service provider. The user access ends when the person moves away from the assignment for the user access was granted. Login ID is removed simultaneously.

The register in digital form, on hard, drive, is protected with a password. The hard drive is located in a restricted area.

Data storage times

Data is stored on a hard drive, where the data is kept for 25 days, depending on the amount of material. The cameras only store moving images, so the lenght of the stored data may vary.