Facilities and arrival directions

You will receive course reminder two days before your course is due to start. From it you find for example information on where your course is held.

Welcome to the course

The Institute sends a confirmation 2 days before your course is due to start. From this message you find our for example what classroom your course is held.

The classroom can also be seen on the TV monitor in the lobby on the ground floor in Runeberginkatu 22–24.

Starting a course

Teaching begins on the date and at the time stated in our programme and it ends when the number of hours of instruction specified have been completed.

The length of teaching/learning sessions is expressed in terms of “lessons”. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

If there is changes we will contact you.

Disabled access

Mobility of those with special needs has been taken into consideration, but not all places in facilities are easily available.

If needed, teaching can be organised in premises that are accessible for everyone.

To facilitate room allocation, students with disabilities are requested to contact the caretaker: vahtimestarit@helao.fi.


The Institute does not purchase insurance on behalf of the students, rather it is the responsibility of each student to take care of his/her own insurance.

Guarded areas

The Institute does not provide locked or guarded areas for clothing or property.

The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is not responsible for students’ property. Make sure that you are insured.

Can we help you with anything else?

Mahdollisissa ongelmatilanteissa voit olla yhteydessä vahtimestareihin. Runeberginkadun vahtimestari on paikalla aina, kun tiloissa on opetusta. Heille voit soittaa myös ongelmista muissa toimipisteissä.