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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what is the right course or level for me?

If you are having difficulty choosing the right course for yourself, contact the student counselling.

How do I register for courses?

Get acquainted with different ways to register.

Why do I have to give my social security number when I register for a course?

The social security number is needed in order to identify a person. It is needed when an individual incurs an obligation to pay. The student register which comes into being in conjunction with the registration process is the basis of the course fee invoicing system. The bills go to the Institute’s electronic ledger where identification of the correct recipient by any other way than his/her social security number is, in practice, impossible.

Can I register on the starting day of a course?

Yes, if the course is not full.  However, please note that if everyone left their registration until the start of the course, it might not start at all because it is our policy to cancel courses a few days before their scheduled starting date if there have been insufficient advance registrations.

Does the Institute grant discounts?

The Institute doesn’t grant personal discounts to students.

How can I place myself on a waiting list and is it worthwhile to do so?

If the course is full, you can place yourself on the waiting list. This is done in the same way as registering for a course with the exception that you don’t have to pay until you have been contacted by someone in the office. It certainly is worth your while to place your name on the waiting list as always someone who has registered drops out before the course starts.

I have registered for a course, but I can’t find the invoice anywhere?

When you register online, the invoice will appear on the screen after you have sent off the completed registration form.  If you can’t find the invoice, please contact the office and we will send you the information you require.

Can I take courses at the Institute even though I don’t live in Helsinki?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions in this respect. We are open for all.

Can a person under the age of 18 participate in the Institute’s courses?

Generally speaking, our courses are intended for students aged 15 or over, unless otherwise mentioned in the course information. You can turn to our student counselling for more information.

Starting a course

How many students are required before a course can actually start?

It also depends on the type of course and course teacher. Courses with insufficient registrations are cancelled a few days before their scheduled starting date so remember to register in good time.

Where are the courses held?

The courses are held on our main premises at Runeberginkatu 22-24 unless otherwise mentioned in the course information. Please see the list of other course venues and instructions on how to get to the Institute.

Why does the programme state that the length of the course is two hours when in fact it is an hour and a half?

The length of teaching/learning sessions is expressed in terms of “lessons”. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Can I join a course that has already started?

Normally yes. You can contact the office for more information regarding a specific course.

Can I change courses if the one in which I am enrolled is too difficult/easy for me, or if I have registered for the wrong course?

You can change courses if there are free places in the other group. The office must always be informed of such changes.

How do I cancel my participation in a course?

Read our terms of cancellation.

I have been taken ill, can I get a refund?

If you miss a lesson or two it normally does not matter. On language courses your teacher can send you information what was covered and on homework and on sport and dance lessons you can normally take a substitute lesson at another course.

You can normally start the course even if you have missed the first lesson.

If you are absent from the course you don’t need to inform the office.

If you fall ill before or during the course and wish to cancel the registration contact the office. If you have medical certificate form the healthcare professionals we can refund you 80% of the remaining course fee. If you have paid with tax-free benefits you can use 80% of the remaining course fee on your next course.