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The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is a Learning and Wellbeing Centre, and one of the largest privately-owned institutes in Finland.  The Institute, founded in 1961, is an institute of adult education operating within the Liberal Adult Education Act. The Institute receives statutory financial assistance from the state. The Institute main building is located at Runeberginkatu 22-24 in Töölö, but there are other premises located all around the Helsinki area.

A Versatile Selection of Courses 

  • Courses at the Institute of Adult Education are courses on different subjects, are open for all (e.g. languages, sports, dance, art, handicrafts, music, digital skills).
  • As an organiser of labour market training for adult immigrants the Institute is one of the largest in the metropolitan Helsinki area. The Institute arranges integration training and training in reading and writing in cooperation with the TE Office.
  • Basic training is offered to immigrants over 18. The goal is to give skills and abilities for further studies and/or working life and an opportunity to study single subjects separately. The training is arranged according to the principles laid out in the curriculum for adult basic training set by the Finnish National Board of Education.
  • Open University studies are arranged in cooperation with the universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland and Turku by classroom teaching and distance learning.
  • Personnel and On-Demand Training is aimed at companies, organisations and public sector personnel. The training can be single courses or broader wholes tailored according to the customer’s wishes to take place in either the customer’s or the Institute’s premises.

The Institute in Numbers (Year 2018)

The figures include Adult education, Labour market training, Basic education and Open University studies.

  • approx. 59 000 lessons
  • approx. 16 500 students
  • approx. 1 300 study groups (courses)
  • 56 full-time employees
  • approx. 270 part-time teachers
  • There are 181 institutes of adult education in Finland, which operate in every municipality with 650 000 students and 2 million teaching hours in total

The institute is Administered by the Professional Staff Unions’ Study Association

The owner and administrator of the Institute is the Professional Staff Unions’ Study Association (Toimihenkilöjärjestöjen Opintoliitto ry TJO). The Institute has a ten-member board.  The Director of Professional Staff Unions’ Study Association is Kari Karvonen. The Vice Director is Jyrki Sipilä, who is also Director of Basic Education. Training Director for Labour Market Training is Sirpa Rönkkö. The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is a member of KOL (Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres) and the Employers’ Association of Privately Owned Educational Institutions.

Close-knit International Connections

  • cooperation with European educational and cultural organisations
  • projects funded by the European Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • a wide selection of courses in foreign languages and Finnish for Foreigners
  • education for immigrants in government-funded labour market training and basic training
  • explore the Institute’s international activities throughout the years

The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki Has a Long and Honourable History

The Institute was founded in 1961 by TVK, an organisation promoting professional interests. From 1962 to 1996 the name of the institute was Virkailijain kansalaisopisto (An Institute of Adult Education for Civil Servants) and in 1996 the name of the Institute was changed to the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki.

Explore the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki “Elämää varten” (For Life) jubilee book, published in 2011.

Awards and Commitments

  • In 2007 the Ministry of Education awarded The Quality Prize for Adult Education Centres to the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, for the first time to an adult education centre in the metropolitan Helsinki area.
  • The Institute has declared to be A Discrimination-Free Zone, in line with The Ministry of the Interior campaign.
  • The Institute has signed the national corporate responsibility network FIBS ry:s Diversity Commitment.

The Institute’s trade registry number: 0203131-0