Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki Regulation

These regulations apply to all Institute activities. The regulations aim at furthering the inner order of the Institute, the free flow of studying and a safe and comfortable atmosphere at the Institute. The Institute operates on equality. Everyone is equal.

When I enrol on a course, I will commit to adhere the following regulations of the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki:

Good Manners and Safety

  • I will adhere to the Institute’s regulations and instructions from the personnel.
  • I will act politely and maintain good manners.
  • I will arrive in time for class.
  • I will not act inappropriately, I will not disturb others in class or during breaks.
  • I will not take photographs and video or make recordings without permission.
  • I will not use intoxicants or drugs at the Institute’s premises. I will smoke only in front of staircase B.
  • I will not bring dangerous objects to the Institute.
  • I will pay course fees as agreed.


  • I will maintain cleanliness by cleaning after myself in class and in public spaces.
  • I will take good care of the Institute’s premises and property.
  • I am liable to compensate for any damage I have deliberately caused.
  • The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is not responsible for students’ property. I will make sure that I am covered by insurance.

Regulation Monitoring and Repercussions

  • Every person working at the Institute monitors the adherence to these regulations.
  • If one breaks the regulations, one will be addessed. The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki may take away your right to pariticipate in courses at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki.