Visual arts

We offer large selection of visual arts and skills courses that are available for beginners and those who have advanced with their studies. Courses can be short weekend courses or run the whole semester. Normally they are workshops, where everyone can progress at their own pace.

Language of Instruction

In general, the language of instruction is Finnish. In many courses, the teacher is also able to instruct in English or some other language. Please contact the Study guidance for more details concerning the courses and instruction.

Courses Taught in English

  • Drawing & Painting for Beginners / Intermediate level
  • Colour & Acrylic Paintin
  • Abstract Drawing: Exploration and Experimentation

Course Info

The length of each lesson is 45 minutes. Lessons are not held on public holidays.

Supplies Needed for Arts Class

The supplies for courses are not included in the course fee. You can purchase such supplies from your instructor during the course.

Study Guidance

Our study guidance counsellors can always give you advice when you need help finding a suitable level or a new course. For example if there has been some time since your last course or you wish pick up a whole new hobby.

Study Guidance