Hellewi Student Privacy Notice

Person database for the courses maintenance system (Hellewi)

Updated April 29, 2022

Controller: The Study Association for Professional Staff Unions / The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki
Business ID: 0203131-0
Postal Address: Runeberginkatu 22–24, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: 09 41 500 300
email: toimisto@helao.fi

The person responsible for the registry

The person responsible for the registry is the Director, whose duties include making sure that the system is maintained appropriately. If needed, the person responsible makes sure that the usage of the system is guided and its users receive adequate training.

The person responsible for registry matters

The person responsible for registry matters is Service Manager Kaisa Kainulainen, kainulainen@helao.fi, 09 41 500 313.

The duty of the person maintaining the registry is to implement access rights after they have been granted and give further information on the register and the rights of the registered.

Purposes of processing

Only data necessary for dealing with everyday matters and data relevant to the legal protection of the registered is saved in the system. The registered persons are parties to the matters handled, which are registered to the system.

The registered information concerning in the group participants is necessary for the authorities, so that the participants can be individualized with sufficient accuracy to the course and so that the participation fees are allocated correctly.

If the participant is underage, the data on the guardian is registered, so the billing is allocated correctly.

In addition data relevant to customer service, course planning and statistics is gathered. The registered information is necessary for the authorities, for producing statistics according to the state and city government specifications.

Categories of personal data

  • Last name and given name obligatory.
  • Social security number obligatory for group participants for individualizing the person and for billing purposes.
  • If the participant is underage, social security number of the guardian is obligatory.
  • Address for mailing purposes.
  • Home country for statistical purposes.
  • Phone number is obligatory for purposes of notification of course changes.
  • E-mail address for enrollment confirmation and notifications.
  • Educational background and main occupation for statistical purposes (FNAE).

Data of the participants of courses are maintained with information received from the participants when signing up for a course.

The groups to which personal data have been or will be disclosed

Registered data is not given out to outside parties, direct marketing, marketing and surveys, annals or genealogy.

Giving out data to third parties

  • Collection
  • If you enfol via Hellewi for a Finnish language course and state that you are a customer of the TE Office, your data will be stored to the Koulutusportti system (KOPO), maintained by the TE Office. The service providers and the TE Office exchange data concerning these courses via this system.
  • If you also enrol via Hellewi to a online or course, your data will also be stored into study platform (Moodle, Zoom, Teams, pedanet etc) used by The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki.

Information on the transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations

The data is not given out outside these areas.

Description of technical and organisational security measures

The registry is meant only for the internal official use of the service provider, where the users are assigned/allocated user-specific access rights (administration, full-time teachers, part-time teachers).

The access rights end when the person stops working on the assignment the access rights were granted for. The username is removed simultaneously.

The system is used in a web environment, always with SSL protected connection. The server equipment of the system are kept in locked premises, where only IT personnel has access. The computers used to use the system are in surveilled premises.

The service provider makes sure that a backup copy of the system data is made regularly.

Data storage times

The value judgement and disposal of documents of an Institute of Adult Education is stated on Arkistolaki (831/1994). The National Archives of Finland (Kansallisarkisto) stipulate, which documents of the are saved permanently.

The Institute of Adult Education will store your personal information as long as required to perform our obligations.