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01 / 04 / 16

Yamuna Body Rolling Neck and Shoulders Workshop

Yamuna Body Rolling neck and shoulders workshop

The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki Services and Administration Planner Heini tests the Institute’s courses. Sports courses are now under testing.

This time Heini chose the Office Worker’s Dream: Yamuna Body Rolling neck and shoulders workshop.

The appearance of the office worker often tends to resemble a voluble pine than a graceful swan. It is difficult to maintain a proper posture and keep the shoulders in their appropriate place in spite of exercises during breaks and stretching. Sometimes the neck and shoulders feel so stuck that the tension starts to creep into the mind as well. Yamuna Body Rolling can be warmly recommended to all who feel the same.

“The method of Yamuna is to melt down the tension by sliding different sized balls agains the body, with the help of the body’s own weight. On the more tense spots one can pause for a longer time. One can also breathe on the ball, thus opening an specific spot. One can regulate the pressure by adding or easing the body pressure against the ball, and with breath.”


Services and Administration Planner, The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki

Lovely! Heavenly!

The friendly but firm teacher Merja Snellman reminded the students to listen to their bodies and use strength as feels appropriate: the idea is not to open the stuckness with force. The body was tended to one side at a time. One could literally feel and even see the difference after one side: the shoulder landed on its proper place again, somewhere much lower than where it had ended up without even noticing. There was sweet pain in the tense sports, but in spite of that there were two words, which rose to my mind repeatedly: ”lovely” and ”heavenly”. The feeling was almost meditative. There were times when I did not want to get up from the ball. According to the teacher it is not beneficial to stay in one place for too long, no matter how good it may feel. This can result in a headache.

Thoughts about the class

The class had a relaxed and easy atmosphere. One can borrow balls from the teacher and one can wear comfortable and stretchy clothes to class.  I did some of the exercises under a blanket, because the gym was a bit chilly. That did not, however, spoil the atmosphere. Even first-timers had an easy time, since the exercises were explained clearly and the instructions were concise. The teacher was clearly an expert in her field.

After the class I felt relaxed and uplifted: my shoulders were back in their proper place, my upper body felt flexible and breathing felt comfortable. The class also helped with my sore lower back. During the day I kept remembering to lower my shoulders, which crept up towards my ears. A spring-like sunshine greeted me outside. Could a weekend start on a better note than this?

Text: Heini, The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki

Photos: Klara Kulikova, Unsplash