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KÄTS = Learning materials for practical Finnish

This Practical Finnish project, which was funded by the Finnish National Board of Education, went ahead under the working title KÄTS. It produced material for immigrants who were learning Finnish at a very slow pace. Its starting point was the practical need to communicate with limited vocabulary knowledge. The learning material was completed at the end of 2012 and is now ready in portable document format (PDF) for anyone who wants to use it.

Authors: Sirpa Rönkkö – Kaisa Toiviainen
Illustration: Elina Roininen
Layout: Kaisa Kainulainen

Explore the materials here.

The material is in Finnish!

The Diving into Finland (Sukellus Suomeen) project

This project, funded by the Finnish National Board of Education and conducted by the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, has produced learning materials for immigrant education.

The project tried to meet the needs of different student groups in the early stages of their learning curve e.g. immigrants participating in integration courses and those studying to satisfy their own personal, independent goals and needs. The learning material was created in order to develop daily-life skills and civic and cultural awareness for illiterate immigrants or those attending elementary Finnish language courses.

The project was conducted and implemented by the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, which is a private community college and one of the major players when it comes to organizing training programmes for immigrants. The learning material was published in August 2009 and was designed by Sari Nummela, M. Pol. Sc., who has worked for a long time not only as a civics teacher, course counsellor and a provider of information about Finnish working life, but also as a teacher supervisor. Elina Roininen was responsible for the illustration work.

The material has been subdivided into learning materials for illiterate persons and material suitable for elementary Finnish language courses. The exercises have a difficulty classification but it is only intended to be taken as a guide: teachers are advised to familiarize themselves with all the exercises and to choose  tasks which are suitable for the ability level of their own group.

For additional information, contact: Jyrki Sipilä, 09 41 500 326 or email: jyrki.sipila@helao.fi.

Explore the materials here.

The material is in Finnish.