By filling in the registration form, you accept this payment and cancellation policy.

An email address is required for registration. If you do not have an email address, you can register for the courses in the Basic Education office. Online courses are not available without an email address.

If you have already taken one of the Basic Education Finnish courses in Helsingin aikuisopisto, you cannot unfortunately take the same course again. We will check the enrolments before the course starts. You can ask for more information at the Basic Education Office.

Payment of courses

You can pay for the course in a Finnish online bank (Svea payment service) or by invoice. The payment method will be chosen before filling in the application form.

If payment in a Finnish online bank or by invoice is not possible, you can pay the courses by card in the Basic Education office. We do not accept cash. Basic Education courses cannot be paid by sport and culture benefits.

If you choose to pay by invoice, the school will send it to you by e-mail. Those who enrol during July 2023 and choose to pay by invoice will receive an invoice on July 31, 2023. Due to holidays of the Basic Education staff, no invoices will be sent from 3 to 28 July.

You will receive a confirmation email when your enrolment has been successfully received.

If the course is full

If the course is full, fill in the registration form so you will be left in the queue. We will be in touch as soon as places become available in order of registration. Courses will not be paid for until a place becomes available. We will then send you an invoice if a place becomes available. The student confirms the offered place by paying for the course.

Cancellation of course

You can cancel your registration at least one week (7 days) before the course starts. If the course is less than one week away, registration is binding. If there are not enough enrolments and the school cancels the course, we will refund the fees to those enrolled. We will confirm the starting of the course 3 working days at latest before the scheduled start of the course.

Students will lose their place if they do not pay the course fees by the due date or immediately upon registration via online banking. We will not refund the course fee if a student drops out or does not start the course.

Possible changes

We may slightly change the timetable for individual lessons. However, classes will take place during the day and afternoon. In exceptional circumstances, we can change the in person teaching to online.

We will inform students of course-related matters mainly by e-mail. If the student does not have e-mail, we can also send text messages.

Students will also have access to Wilma accounts for the duration of the course. Teachers can communicate via Wilma during the course.

Picture: Towfiqu barbhuiya, Unsplash