Apply to Basic Education

You can apply to our Basic Education at any time of the year. The terms usually star in August and in January and we advertise in various places when we have places available. If you wish to apply, but we don’t have any places available, we will take you on our waiting list. If a place becomes available we will invite you to an entrance exam. We will send invitations to the entrance exams in the order of applying by SMS and email.

Application form

You can leave in an application through our online application form.

If you want to fill out a paper application, please come to the Basic Education office. Also if you need any help with the application, please contact us by phone 050 300 1817, by email or come to the Basic Education office in Runeberginkatu 22-24. We are happy to help!

We have a separate registration form for Basic Education beginners Finnish courses. You can read more about them here!

Entrance exam and interview

Applications are processed in the order of arrival. You will get an invitation to the entrance exam by e-mail or by text message. Students are selected based on the test results and interview. We test applicants’ language and Mathematic skills. We usually have entrance exams every month.

Starting your studies

You can start at the Literacy phase, at the Introductory phase or at the Final phase of Basic Education. The educational structure from which you start, will be defined on the basis of an interview and the test. All the tested applicants will receive a decision on application by mail. You can study in Basic Education if you don’t have Basic education degree in your home country or in Finland.

Finnish language requirements

Please read our Finnish language requirements for the Introductory phase and the Final phase. There are no Finnish language requirements for the Literacy Phase.

If your information changes

If any of your information (phone number, address etc.) changes, please remember to notify us. You can call or send a message to 0503001817 or

If you have studied in Basic Education in Finland before or are studying at the moment, please send us a copy or a picture of your certificate by email to .

Customers of the Employment agency

If you are a customer of the employment agency, you should contact your TE-office’s contact person prior to applying to our school. It is also possible to get study allowance from Kela.