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Registration for Spring Courses

The spring courses are published at our Course Online Store and the registration for all courses starts on Monday, November 29 at 10 am.

You can register at the Course Online Store or via e-mail toimisto@helao.fi. If you register via e-mail please note that your registration is not valid until you receive a confirmation from the office. If you register by email, we’d need the following information: full name, date of birth, address, email and phone number.

The customer service is open Monday-Thursday at 10-16 during the week 48 (29.11. – 2.12.). The office is closed due to holidays 20.12.2021 – 10.1.2022.

Read more about course registration and payment and our course cancellation policy

If you have any questions please contact the office at toimisto@helao.fi, tel. 09 41 500 300 or our study guidance counsellors.