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The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki has premises for hire in its headquarters located at Runeberginkatu 22-24 and sports facilities at Annankatu.

Runeberginkatu 22-24

Information on premises for hire will be updated during August.

Fully renovated building containing comfortable space for learning and wellbeing. There are 23 class rooms with modern AV equipment suitable for studying or group work. Premises include space for handicrafts, arts, sports, natural science and digital studies, as well as language studios and a media workshop. Auditorium on the first floor can be divided into two separate spaces. There is a banquet hall on the third floor.

Lounge area for independent studying adds cosyness to the premises. There are changing rooms with showers. Coffee and snack machines are available on two floors.

Sports Facilities

Annankatu 29 B, dancehall 83 m²

Annankatu 29 B, dancehall 66 m²

There are single and continuous shifts for rent. There are available shifts also in the evening and on weekends.

More Information:

Continuous shifts: Erkki Herola | erkki.herola@helao.fi | puh. 050 355 8435

Single shifts: Pirkko Ahjo | pirkko.ahjo@helao.fi | puh. 050 435 3297