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For students of Finnish language

Ms Sirpa Rönkkö, MA, the teacher in charge of Finnish language courses, is available for study guidance.  Please call 09 41 500 332, e-mail sirpa.ronkko(at)helao.fi or come visit.

Ms Nuppu Tuononen, MA, gives guidance counselling of Finnish language. Please call 09 41 500 318, e-mail nuppu.tuononen(at)helao.fi or come visit.

For students of other subjects

In general the language of instruction is Finnish. This may not apply to all courses, please contact the teacher in charge to find out the language of instruction in the course you wish to participate in and which other language may possibly be used to help foreign students during the lessons.

If the course description is in some other language than Finnish, the course is taught primarily in the language which is the subject of the course. You may register for the course if you feel that your knowledge of the language in question is good enough for participation in the course.

See contact information below



Pirkko Ahjo
Course planner for: Life skills and human relations, Beauty, Sports, Dance, Health and wellbeing Study guidance: preferably by email 050 435 3297
Minna Hämäläinen
Course planner for: Music Study guidance: preferably by email 050 511 9070
Katja Joutsijoki, MA
Course planner for: Theater and Communication Skills Study guidance: preferably by email 050 411 0112
Niina Kerppola, MA
Course planner for: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Tue and Thu 10–11 09 41 500 327
Juha Okko, MFA
Course planner for: The Arts, Handicrafts, Outdoor Activities, IT, Online courses and Business Study guidance: preferably by email 09 41 500 334
Marita Parkkonen
Course planner for: Open University Study guidance: preferably by email 050 477 3866
Sirpa Rönkkö, MA
Finnish for Foreigners, Estonian and Courses for Unemployed Immigrants. Guidance counseling of Finnish language: Nuppu Tuononen 09 41 500 332
Nuppu Tuononen, MA
Guidance counselling: Finnish for Foreigners. Guidance counselling also via Zoom 09 41 500 318

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