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Important information

For more information on courses please check our contact details. Course counselling is provided by head teachers responsible for specific areas of study. Make sure the head teacher in question is available for consultation.

The length of each lesson is 45 minutes. Lessons are not held on public holidays.

In general, the language of instruction is Finnish. In many courses, the teacher is also able to instruct in English or some other language. Please contact the Office or Study guidance for more details concerning the courses and instruction.

You may request a certificate of attendance from the office when the course has ended.




Art courses

The supplies for courses are not included in the course fee. You can purchase such supplies from your instructor during the course.

Please install an POWER BI or ADOBE account or create user code before the course starts in case it is instructed on the course description.


Intensive courses (Finnish courses)

These courses may be considered as part of your personal integration plan if they are approved by your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-office). Please note that the TE-Office does not pay the course fee. You need to check with your local employment office before you start the course, whether the course will be approved.

These courses have 15 contact lessons per week and homework minimum 5 hours a week.

Proficiency level grades are given at the end of the course to those students whose course has been accepted by the employment office as self-motivated study that is part of their integration plan.


Language courses


Please buy the coursebook just after the first lessons, because receiving coursebooks by foreign publishers can take up to 1-2 weeks if ordered from online bookstores and even up to 5 weeks if ordered from bookstores.

Tax free employer benefit

If you are interested in the possibility to pay for your language course by using a tax free benefit provided by your employer, read more here (in Finnish).


Online courses

The study platform used is Moodle (http://moodle.helao.fi) or Zoom. Before the course starts you will receive a username and password via e-mail. Online courses require basic IT skills.


Sports and Dance courses

You can participate in certain courses by using Zoom application. Remote access is available after receiving an email link from the teacher.

The sports and dance venues have the necessary course gear, unless the course introduction informs otherwise.

Students can substitute absence from their own class according to their teacher’s instructions.