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Check venues and their info here.

Please take care of your insurance! The Institute does not insure students.

You can pay sports and dance courses with sports and culture vouchers. Check detailed info here.

There may be changes in the course schedule. Students are informed about changes.

The course will be arranged if the minimum number of students have signed up two week-days before the planned start date.

The teachers will inform the students on the appropriate gear on the first class. All sports venues have exercise or yoga mats. You can bring your own mat, if you like. The venues have the necessary course gear, unless the course introduction informs otherwise.

Kindly note the course level when signing up.


  • If you are absent from you class you can take a substitute lesson. Mainly you can choose your substitute lesson from your teachers other lessons. Your teacher has more information. Please do not hesitate to ask.
  • You must always agree beforehand if you wish to take a substitute lesson.
  • If you take another teachers lessons, please inform them what lesson you are substituting.
  • The student must take care on their own substitutions. After the substitution, the student may ask their own teacher to mark an attendance on the class they have substituted
  • The right to take substitute lessons is only valid on courses, which last 6 weeks or more. Not valid on weekend courses or short courses.
  • If you take a substitute, lesson at Annankatu studios and do not have a door code please contact the janitor for information.
  • For more information about the courses, timetables and venues please see our website or printed programme.