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Studying at the Open University

The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki organizes open university studies in co-operation with Finnish universities. Open university is an avenue of study at university without an age limit or educational requirements. Explore the Open University study ensemble organized by the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki.

The students are admitted in the sign-up order. Some study subjects may require an eliminating preliminary exam. The studies entail attending lectures, group work, exercises and independent work with literature and various tasks. In some study modules part of the studies and exams take place in an online environment. The studies consist mainly of independent work, of which there can be a substantial amount. An Open University student receives a certificate of her/his studies from the university, and at a later date it is possible to integrate the studies to a degree, if the student is later admitted as a full-time student at the university. There is a separate quota for university admission application for a full-time student for those students who have already done a certain amount of studies.

Signing Up

You can sign up for an Open University study module, independent courses and exams at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki office. You can sign up for separate parts of study modules only if the Institute has granted a special permission for this, based on specific reasons (for example, the studies have been interrupted previously). You can only sign up for a study module, but not separate parts of the whole, or exams at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki website. Please check the time when the sign-up period starts.


In addition to signing up your must register as a student at the Open University. If you are studying with the Universities of Helsinki or Eastern Finland, you will be sent a registration link before the studies start. The registration for the University of Turku is done via the NettiOpsu service.

The study fee for the university is paid in conjunction with the registration via online bank service. After this the regstration is binding, and cannot be cancelled. If you are unable to register via the link provided for you, you can contact the study secretary for your subject at Open University. The registration forms the Open University study credit registry information platform. Your credits will be stored in the registry.

Study Fees

The study fees consist of fees from both the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki and the universities. The fees vary according to discipline. The fees are announced with each discipline. Generally the Open University student fee allows one to study for a planned study period for a given discipline. There is a separate fee for exams taken during the next semester. The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki charges 40 euros for an extra exam.


Registration for all exams, also for those connected to lectures, and renewal exams must be done 10 days before the exam, unless there is an exception mentioned in the exam info. For the exams held at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki premises the registration can be done via e-mail to the office toimistonetti@helao.fi (name, address, phone number and birth date) of by filling out an exam envelope (on the side table in the corridor outside the office). One can leave the envelope to the office or in the post box by the office door. The University of Eastern Finland exams’ registration must be done 10 days before the exam via WebOodi. The University of Helsinki web exams’ registration must be done via the university web page. Those who have not registered cannot take part in the exams. One must always carry an ID card at the exams.

You can view the whole grades (not the partial ones) in the WebOodi grade registration. The partial grades of a given study module can be found at the web learning environment Moodle, or one can ask about them at the Institute’s office. The grades come at varied times, but generally the aim is to publish them within one month of the exam.

Remote Exams

One can find remote exam dates at www.opistopalvelut.fi/helsinginaikuisopisto with the search term ”tentit”. Sign up for the exam at the Institute’s office by phone: 09 4150 0300, or toimisto@helao.fi. The exam fee 40 euros must be paid before the exam at the Institute’s office. When you register for a remote exam at your university, inform the university of the following:

Remote Exam Location: The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki
Contact: toimisto@helao.fi, tel. 09 4150 0300, Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki

If you are unable to take the exam on the agreed date, please inform the Institute immediately via e-mail or by phone.

Substitution and Previous Studies

If you wish to benefit from credits from studies done before, you must fill out an application for substitution to Open University office.


You can request an official study credit record from the Open University Study Counselling.

Study Guidance and Counselling

  • General Open University study guidance at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is provided by Course Planner Tea Tetri, tel. 045 859 1141 or e-mail tetri@helao.fi.
  • Questions on the studies of a given discipline are best answered by the university itself. The Open University Study Counselling helps and supports you with planning your studies, developing your study skills or learning difficulties.
  • In matters regarding exams or grades please contact the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki office, tel. 09 4150 0300 or toimisto@helao.fi.
  • In matters regarding registration, Moodle of the progression of online studies you can contact the administering university, i.e. the study secretary of your given discipline, or a course planner.