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Starting a Course

The Institute does not send separate confirmations before the course starts. Lessons are held on the Institute’s premises unless the group has been told that they will meet in a different location. The classroom can be seen on the TV monitor in the lobby on the ground floor. Students are advised to check the monitor each time they come to class because changes in room assignment are possible. To facilitate room allocation, students with physical handicaps are requested to contact the caretaker. The Institute does not purchase insurance on behalf of the students. The Institute does not provide locked or guarded areas for clothing or property. There are no free parking places for students at the Institute. Lessons are not held on public holidays. The length of each lesson (t) is 45 minutes.

Course Cancellation

Course registration is binding. If you want to cancel a course, please contact the office immediately. Not paying the course fee does not count as cancellation.

  • You can cancel your course free of charge 7 days before the course is due to start. If you have already paid the course, we shall refund you the whole course fee.
  • Course fee is charged in full, if you do not cancel the course, if you cancel it less than 7 days before the course is due to start or you do not show up.
  • Course fee will be returned in full if the Institute cancels a course.

Refund will be made according to our cancellation policy once you have sent us your IBAN account number. If you have not paid the course fee or cancelled your participation in a course, we will charge you according to our cancellation policy.

  • Course fee paid by Culture and Sports vouchers cannot be returned. You can arrange for the course fee to be paid once it has been confirmed that the course will start. If you have paid a cancelled course with Culture and Sports Vouchers you can use the sum for another course.
  • If the course is paid by using ePassi we can return the balance back into your account, if the cancellation happens during the same year, when the course fee has been paid. If the cancelation happens the following year the balance can be used for another course.

The cancellation policy doesn’t apply to the open university courses. Read more here (only in Finnish).

Course Certificates

Students may request a certificate of attendance from the Institute’s office when the course has ended.